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B3 racing

Because of the dedication and professionalism B3 racing team showed in 2015 when Dusan won European champion title in touring races, Borkovic decided to compete in TCR international with them in 2016.

B3 racing is one of the leading hungarian racing teams, holding a determining position in the Hungarian Motorsport. With the touring and formula cars (serviced, maintained and engineered by the team) they have won several championships, in the past few years.

The continuous competition given by the motorsport era, brings out the best from the team, and from their partners. Because of the consecutive wish of being first, and the rush from the persistant races, they have a strong hunger for the theoretical maximum, and seek for the flawless performance.

B3 places great emphasis on selecting ,motivating and training their colleagues. With their competition based developmental model, together with the continuous feedback, they provide the opportunity to every crew member, for self realization, and to achieve their own goals.

the performance, the professionalism and the results, are all direct consequences of the properly assorted, highly motivated specialists in the team.