Sunday, 20 May 2012 00:00

Victory in Portugal - Borkovic’s 4th triumph in the 4th race of European Hill Climb Championship

The best Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic and a member of Nisotec Racing Team scored his fourth victory in this years FIA European Hill Climb Championship. After victories in France, Austria and Spain he was also the best in Portugal (33 Rampa Internacional da FALPERRA).


Not so far from Braga, drivers had two races on Saturday, while they had another one Sunday. Only two fastest races counted for the overall clasification. In both of his fastest races on Saturday Dusan Borkovic was convinsingly better than his competitors and due to some problems with the car he and Nisotec Racing Team decided and were allowed not to drive the third race on Sunday. Saturday’s results were enough to win him the first place and a maximum number of points on his way to win the european title. Race during which Borkovic developed a speed of 250 km / h, was observed by around 300,000 spectators that greeted Serbian champion with standing ovations.

„I am very happy to continue towards the realization of our goals-to win the European title. The course was dificult followed by adverse weather conditions, but despite all that I managed to score the best times already the first day. I dedicate this victory to Serbian fans that have given me great support over the internet. All the messages and greetings that were left on Facebook by Serbian motorsport fans meant a lot to me in the preparation for this very difficult race. Regardless of the great efforts that my Nisotec Racing Team has because of the heavy schedule, constant trips from one end of the continent to another, and many technical problems…I decided to drive Avala race in Serbia next weekend, to give Serbian fans yet another unforgettable experience “at home”.

A third of the season is behind us. Everything was flawless, and God will let this to continue all the way to the last race of this year’s European Championship that’s going to be driven in Croatia.

Thanks to everyone who supported me! Thanks to Nisotec Racing Team, because without their support I would not have triumphed for the fourth time in the row”-said the visibly excited Dusan Borkovic in Braga after the race.

The fifth event in the FIA European Hill Climb Championship will be held on June 2nd in the Czech Republic (ECCE HOMO Sternberk)