Monday, 17 December 2012 00:00

Champion’s help for premature infants exibition of optimism and humanity

Charity art auction “BRAVE LITTLE JOCKEY” was launched in order to raise funds for the project of the Association of Parents of premature infants and it was held in the gallery “Progress ” in Belgrade. By implementing this project, for the first time in Serbia, it would be enabled to meticulously implement hyppotherapy that may improve the quality of life for children with developmental problems. The auction exposed work of approximately sixty eminent Serbian artists: Marinkovic Cile, Momo Antonovic, Kosta Bunusevac, Michael Milunovic, Cvetko Lainovic, Momo Kapor and many others.


Among the prominent public figures and companies that have decided to humanely end their 2012th year and their living and working space beautify with works of contemporary Serbian artists was Dusan Borkovic with his wife Andrijana.

“The most beautiful is a situation where you are able to use your success not only for personal happiness but to influence society and do something good for those in need. Only then success is considered true, measured not only by the accomplished results, but the true value of a human being, “said the champion while along with his wife carefully chose the work that will brighten up their family nest.