Saturday, 27 October 2012 00:00

Win on Avala Serbian and foreign drivers for the recovery of Milos Spasojevic

The best Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic, a member of NISOTEC Racing team triumphed in class I the first day of the Serbian Open Championship finals in hill climb, held on Avala. Reigning FIA European Hill Climb Champion ended his competitive season in mid-September, but decided to drive on Avala to participate in a humanitarian effort to collect funds for the recovery of Milos Spasojevic, driver who was seriously injured in a race on Tara.


On Saturday Borkovic was by far the fastest in both races by winning first place in front of Zeljko Djunisijevic and Ljubisa Culic. Second day of competition Dusan Borkovic did not compete due to the problem with the differential, but he still paid for the entry fee, given that the decision of the organizers and all the drivers was that all funds raised from entry fees are to go towards the recovery of Milos Spasojevic.

“I want to express thankfulness to the organizers, Serbian Automobile Association and Real motorsport that invited me to participate in this double race ” Real motors Avala II”. Although my season ended more than a month ago and I was not planning on participating on Avala, I accepted without hesitation an invitation to help our severely wounded colleague Milos Spasojevic. I am glad that the Serbian crowd was able to see my driving, and I’m glad that I managed to win despite inadequately prepared car. Once again, it is important to emphasize that the most important thing is that we helped our Misa at least a little. “- said Dusan Borkovic after he received a trophy from the President of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, Aleksandra Antic.