Tuesday, 18 September 2012 00:00

Formal reception for Dusan Borkovic in his hometown of Pancevo

Last night in front of the City Hall of the City of Pancevo over a thousand of his fellow citizens and fans officially welcomed Dusan Borkovic, the FIA European Hill Climb Champion of 2012.

Expectations that Nisotec Racing Team member, Dusan Borkovic, set before the start of the European Hill Climb Championship season 2012. are met, since he came to the throne in this competition.


In the presence of family, his team, close friends, city officials and citizens, there was a formal reception staged in front of the City Hall for Borkovic. Best Serbian race car driver was greeted and congratulated on winning the champion’s title by Pančevo’s mayor and Physician Dr. Svetozar Gavrilovic, who on this occasion gave Borkovic the laurel wreath.

Current champion was very emotional during the reception in Pancevo regarding his European title, which is understandable since all of his most important people and life moments are tied to that city…

“These achievements are very important for the city because champions like Borkovic represent Pancevo in other countries in the best light”, concluded Aleksandar Farkas, councilor of the city of Pancevo in charge of Youth and Sport. He added that the city will continue to assist Borković and his team in the future …

No less touching was Borkovic’s encounter with his fellow citizens of all ages, as well as many fans without whom his success would not have been so great , as the champion pointed out several times.