Monday, 27 May 2013 10:23

With the rented car to more successes in the ETCC season finale

After a lot of trouble and misfortunes in the begining of the season our best race car driver was forced to drive a rented car in the Austria race, considering his Seat Leon was severely damaged in a crash in Slovakia and there wasn’t enough time to repair it before the third competition weekend. Driving the car rented in Danmark, Dusan Borkovic triumphed in the first race in Salzburgring.

The consideration was which car to drive in the remaining two competition weekends – his own, repaired and with beter performances or the rented „danish“ with a little weaker features. We believe that the winning team shouldn’t be changed so the decision was made that Borkovic and NIS Petrol Racing Team will compete in Italy and Czech Republic with the „champion“ – the rented Seat, which will be worked up and ready for the best results till the next race in the middle of July, with the support of NIS company.