Wednesday, 22 May 2013 10:21

Dusan Borkovic back in Serbia after historic victory in debut ETCC season great success - Moving on

Dusan Borkovic, a member of the NIS Petrol Racing Team, the only Serbian representative in European touring car cup (ETCC) achieved a great success winning the 5th race held on the 19th of May on the racetrack in Salzburg, Austria. At the media gathering on NIS Petrol station Zmaj 2, Borkovic said he is extremely happy because of the victory in Austria and that he is expecting to win more points until the end of the debut ETCC season – European highest ranked FIA (International auto federation) competition.


“I’m still under the under the impressions from the victory, not yet aware of the great success. Starting the season we considered every point a success due to the quality of the cup, competition and our lack of experience. Winning in the debut season in the strongest group in ETCC is extremely rare. When passing the finish line first I started crying and screaming out of joy. I thank all my fans in Serbia and all over Europe. I thank NIS, NIS

Petrol and NISOTEC without whom non of this would be possible. My gratitude goes also to the Serbian Ministry of youth and sport, Province Ministry of sport, city of Pancevo…”

Next race will be driven in Italy, in the middle of July. The decision is still to be made which car I shall drive – mine, fixed after the crash in Slovakia or the rented one with which, though with weaker engine, I won in Austria. Being superstitious, I think I’ll choose to work up the rented one.”

Dusan Borkovic will receive the May award on Saturday in National Assembly – the highest social sport recognition presented by the Serbian Sport federation for winning the title in European Hill climb championship last year, the best success for car racing in Serbia.