Monday, 20 May 2013 10:20

Historic victory for Dusan Borkovic in his debut season in ETCC - Borkovic triumphed in Austria

Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic managed to triumph in the first race that was driven in Salzburg, Austria. He was the best in the division which means he finished first in his S2000 class. On the hard and wet racetrack, though he started at 5th position, his driving was great and reached his first victory in debut season.


The only Serbian representative in FIA (International auto federation) European car racing competition of the highest level, with a little luck and his great reaction managed to avoid a car crash at the beginning of the race, at 4th lap in which Fulin and Pfister totally damaged their cars. Dusan continued driving as if it wasn’t his debut season. The best Serbian driver on the track looked like a highly experienced ETCC veteran and managed to win by passing first through the finish line. The triumph in the 5th race of the ETCC season brought Dusan Borkovic huge success and 10 points.

“I’m extremely happy. I believed and announced that I can get good result although the result is not the imperative in debut season. I had an opportunity to triumph in rainy weather and I seized it. I thank all my fans in Serbia and all over Europe for their support even when we had technical problems and misfortunes. We are moving on. I expect more points and experience for the next year when my wish is to be the best ranked in overall standings. This is the new challenge for me, I’ve never before drove on this tracks and that’s why I’m particularly pleased with the victory” – Dusan Borkovic said after the race.

International auto federation FIA informed of the great success of the best Serbian driver on their official website entitled “Borković wins dramatic first race”

In today’s second race Borkovic as a winner of the previous one started at 8th position. Our champion drove very good again and almost got ahead again when he had to go to the pit because of the front left tire problem. He managed to finish the race 5th in his group and win new points.