After winning the European Hill Climb Championship in 2012., the first Serbian European Champion in motorsports, Dusan Borkovic is getting ready for a new and unexpectedly exciting challenges.

After a long thinking what could be a step up compared to the achieved results and winning the hill climb championship last year, Dusan Borkovic decided to compete in the FIA European Touring Car Cup (ETCC) that is driven on the worlds most famous race tracks like Monza, Imola, Brno. This championship takes place alongside the WTCC (World Touring Car Championship), and both championships are organized and followed by Eurosport on the highest level that attracts public attention and the media.

The best Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic had the first test in his Seat Leon TFSI with which he will compete this year in the FIA European Touring Car Cup (ETCC).

On the racetrack Grobnik near Rijeka (Croatia) Dusan Borkovic turned on and tested his new car for the first time this season. Under heavy rain and reduced visibility Borković drove only seven laps. He achieved excellent time given the difficult conditions on the race track, the fact that the car was set up for dry weather and gas set at a maximum of 90%.

Dusan Borkovic, a member of the NIS Petrol Racing Team won points in both races that were driven today at Monza. In the first race he finished in 8th place, in the second race he was third in the strongest class (S2000) of elite European competition.

Fastest Serb Dusan Borkovic successfully started the season in the FIA ETCC – European Touring Car Cup. On Sunday, under the heavy rain on the famous racetrack in Monza two races were held. Despite the problems with under-prepared car Borkovic achieved significant results.

At NIS j.s.c. stand at the Motor Show, NIS j.s.c. Novi Sad and Dusan Borkovic officially entered into agreement to mark the continuation of their fruitful cooperation and competing of Serbia’s most successful racing car driver as a part of the NIS Petrol Racing Team.

At the pre-race warm-up all was functioning perfectly. The car was finally well tuned and our talented Duca was feeling great in it. He started the race with a lap to warm up and in the first lap of the first race there was a big crash that involved 6 cars. Borkovic caught a momentum and began to overtake one by one rival. At the time when he wanted to get away from the crowd, he indured a hit on his front left side at the speed of over 120km / h. From 6 cars involved in the incident Borkovic’s car suffered the greatest damage.

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