Saturday, 19 November 2016 23:26


The best Serbian race car driver Dušan Borković has finished 5th in qualifying in Macau, one of the most challenging street circuits in the world. A great start of the final TCR International weekend for Serbian champion, he collected a point and will start the first race tomorrow from the 5th position.

Macau event is special for a couple of reasons: TCR cars are 20kg lighter because Chinese championship drive alongside TCR this weekend, there are much more cars on the starting grid (34), first race grid is determined by qualifying results and the second race grid by the positions in which drivers finish the first race. 

Borković finished the first qualifying session in the 4thplace although he ran into a slower driver and touched the wall in his fastest lap that slowed him down, he went to the pit after his fast lap so the team could manage to fix the rear wheel he damaged. After the first qualifying session it started to rain heavily and the track was declared wet, which meant set up and tires change for the second qualifying session. Borkovic finished 5th:

“This was the strangest qualifying session so far for me but I am really satisfied. It is my first time in Macau and I managed to do even better than I expected. My goal was to be in Q2 so I can avoid the traffic in both races. This is the craziest street circuit and today’s rain only made the track slippery and more challenging. It was very hard to drive on it. I was the fastest TCR Seat and I am happy as is my team. The races will be hard especially because we are expected for tomorrow as well,  but I am optimistic. My goal is to finish both races but also to improve in overall standings, so that I can get a momentum for the next season” – Borkovic said. 

“I want to finish the season strong.   with all the misfortunes that happened in the beginning of the season, i think i have grown and learned a lot. Than from Monday my team and I will focus on the future plans. ” – Borkovic added

The last two races of the season are on Sunday at 10h Macau time / 3CET and 11:15h / 4:15CET