Sunday, 23 August 2020 16:02


The best Serbian race car driver Dušan Borković, won a maximum of 50 points at the Slovakiaring, and for the second time during this racing weekend he climbed up to the podium. After four convincing victories in Croatia and Slovakia, the Serbian ace with 100 points keeps the first place in the overall classification of TCR Eastern Europe.

Driver of the M1RA team, in cooperation with the NIS Petrol Racing Team, achieved a convincing victory in the second race, and this time he left the Czech Galas with 5.4 seconds behind. Borkovic also dominated the second race during the entire race, although he slowed down his pace in the last laps in order to preserve the tires that were showing a dramatic damage during Saturday's race one and were on the verge of bursting from the extra weight of the car and the high temperatures. The pole position in both races Serbian won thanks to the successful qualifying session. A great start contributed that Borkovic could not be stopped by the fact that Hyundai cars were lowered to 95% engine power with an additional 60kg for Borkovic and higher ride hight than the competitor brands.


“It was another great weekend. It was not easy to get to Slovakia due to the epidemiological situation, but all the efforts of my team to procure all the necessary papers paid off and I am immensely grateful to them for that. I had a great start in both races and that was crucial for the triumph, and I also listened to the team's advice to slow down a bit in the second race if possible to save the tires and take the maximum number of points with a safe finish to the race. What awaits us now is the Czech Republic and the famous Brno track, and I hope that there will not be so many obstacles to get there and that my only concern will be the opponents on the track“, said Borković after the second triumph at Slovakiaring.

The next racing weekend will be held in Brno on 5th and 6th of September.