Sunday, 28 May 2023 17:27


The best Serbian driver, Dušan Borković, after a great weekend in Pau, France, where he scored a victory and a second place, collected incredible 23 points on one of the most complex tracks in the world, Spa Francochamps. In the first race he suffered a heavy blow, a stiff neck and a badly sprained thumb after an incident with a young Australian, B. Bergwanna. Until the last moment, it was uncertain whether the Serbian champion would be able to drive the second race. However, the great will to represent Serbia in the world competition pushed Borković to go out on the track and achieve exceptional success with the fourth position in the TCR Europe general classification and the sixth position in the second race.

Borković was very fast in qualififying but some technical issies placed him in P13. All the competitors were separated by only thousandths of a second for a better ranking. He started the first race from the 13th position, and with his excellent start, it seemed that he would repeat the incredible success from the second race in Pau, when he reached the podium from the 8th position. However, a major turning point occurred when the young Australian, B. Bergwanna, after two hits that Borkovic resisted, definitely stopped him with the third one. The force of the hit was exceptional at high speeds, due to which the Serbian champion suffered a serious injury to his hand and especially to the thumb on his left hand. Until the last moment, it was uncertain whether the Serbian ace would be able to compete in the second race. Despite the great pain, Borković managed to start but also to finish the race and thus secure the fourth place in the overall standings of the TCR Europe.

"I thought I wouldn't be able to race in R2 because of a serious thumb injury I got in the first race, but I found the strength because of my fans, sponsors and my Serbia to still do one of the hardest races in my life. Since I was penalized for three grid positions due to the crash in the first race, I was thinking of just starting the race and serving the penalty so that it wouldn't hurt me at the next race at the Hungaroring. However, I managed to finish the whole race even though I wanted to pass out because of the pain halfway through. This is a very difficult and technically challenging track, as well as passing through the most famous curve in the world, Eau Rouge, where the gradient is very high, and the average speed is 250-300 km/h. In the end we finished in sixth position in TCR Europe and I collected enough points for the fourth place in the general classification with new points. We are turning to the next challenge in Hungary, where we will continue this year's promotion of Serbia in the world and further fight for the best placement," said Dušan Borković.

The next race awaits Borković at the Hungaroring in Hungary on 17-18 June. On this occassion, Borković invited his fans to come to the track where, in addition to exciting races, Team Borković ensured the promotion of Serbia with a 15-meter long Serbian flag banner on the track.