Sunday, 18 June 2023 20:49

Serbian sensation Dušan Borković at the Hungaroring: securing 4th place in TCR Europe

Dušan Borković, the best Serbian race car driver, won 55 points on the fourth racing weekend at the famous Hungaroring track in Hungary. After two races, Borković secured fourth place overall in the TCR Europe and moved forward in the TCR World Ranking. In qualifying, he showed masterful driving in competition with the world's best drivers, winning 10th place for the first race and the pole position for the second race.

In the race on Saturday, Borković had a great start from the 10th starting position, but he soon suffered a severe hit from a fellow competitor that cost him several positions. However, that didn't stop him and he finished the race moving up to the fourth place in the overall TCR Europe standings.

Team Borković expected a lot from Sunday's race, because Dušan Borković had the first starting position in reverse grid in the world and european championship. Against the world tour cars Borkovic could not defend the first place, and the Uruguayan Urrutia hit him from behind in a very unsportsmanlike manner and turned him at the very start of the race that sent Borkovic off the track. In the big commotion, several cars were destroyed, but Borkovic still continued the race despite minor damage to his car. With an excellent pace, he managed to overtake six rivals from the last position and after 15 laps finished 12th in the world competition, i.e. 4th in the TCR Europe competition.

"This was an extremely difficult weekend for the Borković team. I went into the racing weekend with an injured hand, but in a far better shape than expected. Qualifying went very well considering that we fought against the best in the world, and I started the second race from the first place. Despite a great start, a colleague from Uruguay ruined the race for me, Miheliz and Davidovski with an unsportsmanlike behavior. Fortunately, I was able to continue and collect points to remain in fourth position in the TCR Europe ‘s general classification. By the end of the season, I have a chance to fight for the top three drivers in Europe. It is a great honor to be in such a prestigious competition, and my Team Borković and I are fighting with all of our strenth to promote Serbia and all our partners in the best way possible. Apart from my car, suit and helmet, this weekend we had a 15m Serbian flag on the track with the "Invest and Visit Serbia" sign. These races are broadcast on many channels around the world. I want to say big thanks to all my loyal fans, thank you to everyone who came to support me and I love you all" said Dušan Borković.

The weekend was marked by the meet and greet with loyal fans from Serbia and Europe who formed lines of more than hundreds of people and patiently waited to take a picture with him and get an autograph, which speaks of the exceptional popularity of the champion in Hungary and the world car series.

The next race weekend awaits Borkovic at the Paul Ricard circuit in France on July 21 and 23.