The best Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic and his co-driver Igor Markovic had an accident at the rally in Zagreb, Croatia. Borkovic and Markovic hit a tree at the speed of 97 kilometers per hour, but fortunately they were not seriously injured.

The best Serbian race car driver, Dusan Borkovic, started a new chapter in his career with yesterday's race on the track at Imola, as the first Serbian to compete in the World GT Championship. The Spanish team MadPanda with drivers Ezequiel Companc and Sean Walkinshaw, were not able to finish due to a malfunction on their Mercedes - AMG GT3 Evo, during the second hour on the track, with 156 drivers in 52 cars.

Dusan Borkovic is starting the new season as the first race car driver from Serbia and the region to compete in the most famous world car championship "GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup". The best Serbian race car driver will drive a Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo for the Spanish team Madpanda Motorsport, which has many years of experience and success in this championship.


The best Serbian race car driver Dušan Borković finished this year's season in the TCR championship, unfortunately without the possibility to drive the races in Barcelona due to a major car breakdown. Problems with the transmission electronics on the Audi RS 3 LMS marked this year, and the culmination happened during the qualifications on the last racing weekend, when the Serbian ace’s engine started to break down as well. 

The best Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic collected 38 new points at the penultimate racing weekend of the TCR Europe Championship on the track in Monza. After the second race and finishing in the eighth place, the Serbian ace advanced by two positions in the general classification and is now eighth with a total of 189 points.