Monday, 19 September 2022 09:59

Behave properly in traffic

Today I had the opportunity to talk the young people in person and emphasize once again how important it is to behave properly in traffic.

The best Serbian race car driver, Dusan Borkovic, supported the action "When I drink, I don't drive", which is held as part of teh Belgrade Beerfest festival. The Serbian ace joined the director of the Road Safety Agency, Branko Stamatovic, in a conversation with all visitors who wanted to test their motor skills by using "drunken glasses", which create the impression of an intoxicated state.

The best Serbian race car driver, Dusan Borkovic, sent a strong message to young people saying that the street is not a race track, as a special guest during the International Youth Day, which was celebrated this weekend at Kalemegdan in Belgrade. The event was held with the slogan "Because we are all winners" and organized by the Youth Office of the City of Belgrade and the City Municipality of Stari Grad. In a conversation with the director of the Agency for Road Safety, Branko Stamatovic, the Serbian champion shared his experiences and important details about proper behaviour in traffic.

Dušan Borković and the Road Safety Agency at the Seminar with drivers whose driving license has been revoked.

Serbian race car driver Dušan Borkovic in the company of the director of the Agency for Road safety Branko Stamatović attended the Seminar for improving knowledge for drivers whose driving license has been revoked due to negligent driving. As a promoter of safe driving, the best Serbian race car driver, spoke with the participants of the seminar that the streets are not racetracks and that you don't get behind the wheel after consumption of even the smallest amount of alcohol.

The best Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic and his co-driver Igor Markovic had an accident at the rally in Zagreb, Croatia. Borkovic and Markovic hit a tree at the speed of 97 kilometers per hour, but fortunately they were not seriously injured.