Dusan Borkovic with a great racing on Oschersleben track in Germany won second place and podiums in both races of TCR International Series. Borkovic collected 41 new points this weekend and is now 8 th  in overall standings with 88 points. 

Borkovic won a pole position and 5 new points in qualifying session in Germany on Oschersleben track. He is the first to win pole positions two times this season so far.

Dušan Borković loses podium on Salzburgring after contact with James Nash in the last curve. Nash tried to overtake Borkovic after which Borkovic ran off the track and hit the barrier, the car was too damaged for race 2. Luckily Dusan wasn’t seriously injured.

Saturday, 04 June 2016 00:00


Fifth competition weekend on one of the fastest and most challenging tracks in TCR international series started really good for the Serbian driver. Borkovic got in Q2 as he did every previous weekend and finished p6. Borkovic’s time could have been better if not for heavy rain that made him drive more carefully and not take risks. Serbian champion will start both races from the fifth position because Morbidelli and Proczyk lost two grid positions in race 1 in penalty.

The best Serbian race car driver Dušan Borković finished 12th in race one and didn’t finish race two due to the crash when Borkovic hit his teammate Tassi’s car who slowed down in the corner because of the crash in front of him. Due to the crash in qualifying on Saturday Borkovic started both races from the back of the grid, first race from p17 and race two from p15. Borkovic is now 7th in overall standings with 27 points.

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