Current FIA ETCC champion Dusan Borkovic had a great start of his debut TCR international season on Bahrain international circuit. B3 racing team driver in his Seat Leon scored 12 points after the first day of competition in the qualifying session (4 points) and the race 1 (8 points). Serbian champion had the best time in the first qualifying session, and p2 in the second.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 19:04

Borković tested new Seat in Valencia

Serbian champion is satisfied with new Seat performances

Current ETCC champion Dušan Borković is in Valencia on the official TCR preseason test on Ricardo Tormo circuit. Serbian champion is extremely satisfied with the performances of new Seat, the feeling in the car is great and the most important thing the seating possition that made a lot of problems for the tallest race car driver is much better.

Current ETCC champion and the best Serbian race car driver Dušan DUKE Borković will enter TCR international with his old team B3 racing from Hungary, but with a new number. Duke will switch from his 98 he used for past two years to the number 62, with which he started his racing career in karting in ’94 when he was 9 years old.

Serbian champion will face new challenges with a teammate Mato Homola who used to be his greatest rival in 2015.

Two time European racing champion Dušan  "Duke" Borković, after a month long preparations in USA, traveled to Hungary to meet his team for the first time in 2016 in B3 racing headquarters in Hungaroring. Serbia's best race car driver was measured for new racing gear but also seat adjustments and car balance.

Champions meeting in Detroit! Boban Marjanovic one of the best European centres, currently playing in San Antonio, hosted European racing champion Dusan Borkovic at NBA game Spurs played with Detroit Pistons. Bobi and Dusan are friends for many years and the best Serbian race car driver took the opportunity being in Chicago for season preparations to visit Detroit to attend his first NBA game and cheer for his friend. 

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