Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic will continue to compete in the ETCC (European Touring Car Cup) in Salzburg , despite the fact that his car suffered enormous damage in the previous race, and that repair will not be completed until the next race. The solution is to rent another car to drive until his SEAT LEON is brought into good condition.

Serbian race car driver Dusan Borkovic managed to triumph in the first race that was driven in Salzburg, Austria. He was the best in the division which means he finished first in his S2000 class. On the hard and wet racetrack, though he started at 5th position, his driving was great and reached his first victory in debut season.

Dusan Borkovic, a member of the NIS Petrol Racing Team, the only Serbian representative in European touring car cup (ETCC) achieved a great success winning the 5th race held on the 19th of May on the racetrack in Salzburg, Austria. At the media gathering on NIS Petrol station Zmaj 2, Borkovic said he is extremely happy because of the victory in Austria and that he is expecting to win more points until the end of the debut ETCC season – European highest ranked FIA (International auto federation) competition.

After a lot of trouble and misfortunes in the begining of the season our best race car driver was forced to drive a rented car in the Austria race, considering his Seat Leon was severely damaged in a crash in Slovakia and there wasn’t enough time to repair it before the third competition weekend. Driving the car rented in Danmark, Dusan Borkovic triumphed in the first race in Salzburgring.

Serbian sport federation presented The May awards to the most successful sportsmen, coaches, reporters and sport workers. In the nonolimpic sport category the award was presented to Dusan Borkovic, member of the NIS Petrol Racing Team, the first time that a race car driver received this highest social sport recognition.

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